Our July talk is “Plants that Bite”

By David Roberts

on Wednesday 19 July 2023 at 7.30pm
in Wye Small Village hall


Carnivorous plants have long fascinated us with the first Venus Fly Trap reaching London in 1768 where it caused a sensation. This fascination continued through the Victorian era with Darwin’s seminal work on their evolutionary ecology, and are still as popular as ever in the 21st Century. In this talk we will look at the diversity of ways carnivorous plants catch their prey, from the active traps of the Venus Fly Trap, to the passive traps of pitcher plants, and how these features have enticed horticulturists, young and old. We will look at how to grow them from the windowsill or garden, yes some are hardy(!), through to the use of wine coolers to grow high altitude species!

Refreshments & Raffle are available after the talk.
All are welcome.
The talk is open to the public, we charge £3 for this talk, and annual membership is now only £5





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