A talk by Lisa Steward

from the Thorne Hedgehog Rescue Centre

On Wednesday October 16 at 7.30pm in the Small Village Hall, Wye

Lisa will start with a brief history and physiology of hogs and move onto the threats they face, reasons they come into the rescue and what we can do to help support them.

From their facebook page “Hedgehogs are built for the cold. They have survived on the planet for 15 million years and know what they are doing. Some do not hibernate anymore at all as our winters are too mild despite how cold we think it is. Some sleep for a short while and wake up periodically for food, water or to move nest. Support them with cat biscuits and fresh water year round.”

Refreshments and Raffle are available after the talk
All are welcome

The talk is open to the public, we charge £5 for this talk, and membership is only £10 for the remainder of the year